Need Advice on Wholesaling

I’ve been doing my reading and research and my interests have now peaked from bird dogging to wholesaling in Chicago. All of the materials that I have read have mentioned that I should incorporate or LLC a business before I start wholesaling. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is it really risky to wholesale 1 job before forming a company? I am looking to get started by the end of this month and just need a little advice. I’d rather wholesale 1 then use some of that money from my profit to pay for my business costs. However…I want to be as protected as possible. Comments from anyone who did this either way (Co. first, then wholesale, or wholesale fist, then Co.)? Thanks.

Set up an LLC. It’s easy and cheap especially if you are a the only member in the LLC. Don’t worry about protection too much, it’s just easier to keep things organized from an accounting standpoint. Good luck with your new venture!

Thank you for your response.