Need Advice on Legal Protection

Dear RE Investors, Could you please advice me on my current situation.

I currently own a house and planning to buy another house in another school district in 6 months and convert my existing house into a rental property. I need to stay in my current house till end of August as I received the tax credit during the 2009 tax credit scheme.

Now I came across a good deal in the area that I am trying to relocate to after August.
If I get that deal I will have to rent that new house till August before I move in.

Now which property should I put under an LLC. The new second house will be a rental till August.

Please post what would be your approach.


An LLC provides no tax benefit and no liability protection for a rental property you will be managing yourself.

Why bother with the cost and hassle of an LLC? Just make sure you have adequate hazard and liability insurance.

what Dave said

have you asked an attorney or any person who has vast knowledge in this matter? because honestly, it would be a smart move to ask them. Seek for a professional advice,