Need advice on ground stakes

What wood stakes are good to use for bandit signs. I use 36" tapered but they did not go deep enough in the ground and they ALL fell down the next day. I believe the bottom was too wide. It was a V shaped bottom. No matter how hard I hit the wood with the rubber mallet it didnt go any deeper. What wood stakes are good to where they stay in the ground? And where can I get them? The step stakes broke to easy when the ground was hard.

NO NO NO…not ground stakes

Search online for 42" tie wraps and use them to post the signs up high enough that kids and city workers cannot easily rip them down.

Home Depot sells them but they are $.40 each. My team used to plow through 1,000 signs per month. I think I eventually found them for around $.10 a piece.

When I used to put signs out personally I would gather all of the other signs I saw while I was out there.

Do not be low hanging fruit.

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Are you saying you used to take other investors bandit signs away while you were hanging your own?

Sounds like it… I used to call investors who had bandit signs to let them know their sign is down if they want to put it up again :slight_smile: they market my neighborhood where I live :slight_smile:

I haven’t put a sign out personally in over 5 years.

The point of the post was don’t post them low…other investors may pull them.

Commit to distributing 1,000 signs a month and many of your questions will be answered for you.

It is very easy to question the effectiveness of a technique…until you do it in bulk.

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Matt - are you trying to dodge the question? I believe Brian’s question was if you used to pull other investor’s signs as you stated in your post… :O)

Just pulling your leg… I am sorry… Killing time here… Have a good night! :O)

If you have wooden telephone poles in your area, roofing nails work wonders to keep your signs in place. Use two of them per sign.

Makes them hard to pull off the pole.