Need advice on Event Marketing

Has anyone done any one day sales events?? Are there any cost effective ways
to get people interested in such a thing? Do they work?? I have seen them advertised for new developments, even heard of them selling all the lots in pre-construction phase.

Realtors do one day events all the time - they’re called open houses. You can use a local paper or go on Craigslist and other similar sites. Just because you have a one day event doesn’t mean you can’t advertise the event more than one day in advance.

I have hosted many open houses. And, our development has hosted them as well. We were hoping to
have an event on a bigger scale than that. I was looking for some creative ideas, thanks for the input though.

What kind of sales event did you have in mind and what are you trying to accomplish?

We are willing to lower our prices (we have about 1/3 of phase I left to sell, about 30 homesites) and sell any homesite at one pre-determined price. Some homesites are next to a ski slope, some are high on a ridge next to a comm. pool, some are closer to the village center. We Would like to offer this deal on this one day only. Contract and deposit would be required on that day. Some of the lots would sell at 1/2 price if bought that day.

Like many, we have limited funds for advertising, so I have been looking for creative ways to get interest.

breakawaync - just a thought… The REALTOR magazine this month has an article about evening open houses… Have you considered something like that? I have never heard of it - but I can see the appeal. For example, my current home has beautiful lights in the front and back yard. It is a shame that if I sell the house the buyers will see it mainly during the day… I can see myself doing some evening open houses so I could showcase the lighting…

Just a thought… I hope this helps.

Have sign spinners (people that stand on the side of the road holding signs) for 3 dyas before the event at busy intersections announcing the sale.

Make sure that they are clean cut and do more than just stand there… have them do the ocassional dance or wave at people int he cars as they drive by.

Do that for a few days before your sale and you’ll get traffic.

One day events work but I think that one very important phase/item most people forget when they try to do a one day event, is they forget to “pre-market” the event. They post signs around the neighborhood and that’s it.

You need to get the word out in many different ways and you need to create some buzz around your event.

It sounds like you have a lot of sites to sell. Call up TV stations and newspapers and let them know about the event.

Here’s the SECRET

Don’t tell the editor and whoever it is you are talking to that you are SELLING OFF your properties. Everybody in the neighborhood is doing it. You need to come up with an USP (Unique Selling proposition) AN ANGLE. You need to come up with something that will BENEFIT their readers.

You need to provide their readers with such a benefit that the editor will be crazy not to pass the information to their readers. (selling your property at cheaper price is not really a benefit).

HINT: Look around at what is going on in your local market. What is the big problem your local market/public is facing right now? Figure it out and then give them something that will help ease the pain.

Let me know if this helps.


I agree with DemosL, in addition to that I can give you some tips on how to attain a successful event marketing strategies. People are welcome to add some of their ideas. Thanks.

  1. Know Your Market. Design a demographic profile of your target audience; age, income, gender, geographic target, etc.

  2. Prepare a simple news releases. One of the most effective methods of cultivating public relations, media exposure and certainly the most cost effective as well. A campaign missing this component is considerably less valuable.

  3. Invite media to attend as your guest. This is particularly important for after-event marketing or even for next-event marketing if you are well enough organized to present the information.