Need advice on beginning investment


I have been trying to start with investing for quite some time. Would someone please guide me. At this time, I have what I thing may be a good investment. The property is valued at 435,000 on a 1995 sq. ft home and the owners have only owe 380,000. They are desperate to get out with plans to move to Canada. They’ve had it under a realtor but their contract will end in Mid-March. I would like to help them and help myself, but I’m not sure what would be the best way to go about it: Lease option or Sub2? The home is also located at a long distance from me. Could this still be agood investment for me. If so, would someone please help. I’d appreciate any help I can get.
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Not much info to base any decisions on.
For example, you say the property is valued at $435K. This is based on what?
You say this is your first deal? Then taking it on Sub 2 might be risky. Can you make the payments while the house sits vacant? Will the rent cover your monthly expenses?
A lease option offers some possibilities with less risk. Will the homeowners consider this approach? If so, your best choice might be to go with a Cooperative Assignment. Make a fast buck and move on to bigger and better things.

Thanks for your response. You say this would be with no $ down or very littel. I have looked at your Cooperative Assigment explanation of steps to follow. Waht infomration would I need to know from the seller before deciding to follow this option? What would be the best ways or words to approch it with to the seller?

As for what to say to the homeowner, a straightforward approach is best: Mr. Homeowner, would you be interested in selling your house with a lease purchase?
If he tells you to get lost, no need to waste any more time or energy. Move on.
If he is open to that, then you’ll need to put together the Cooperative Assignment and get an offer in his hands.