Need advice from Wholesalers

Hay guys, I am pretty new to wholesaling, I have been using MlS here in NJ to get my REO houses, so far in the last 3 weeks I have looked about 25 house and made offers on 15 of them, I thought I was doing good, but one of my mentors has told me to be a successful wholesaler I need to be looking at 20 homes a week!

I just don’t think I can find that many properties unless I expand my area tremendously, that would be 80 in a month, so my question is simple is this posable? Can you find 80 different properties every month by using the MLS? I have been using only about 35 listing agents ID’s in my searches (I was told that this would be good to work with) , thanks in advance for any advice.

I would say that it’s great advice. To make a decent living you need to wholesale 1 to 2 houses a month and it’s impossible doing that making 20 offers a week. Successful wholesalers do that and they post ads in the paper, put up bandits signs, direct mail to free and clear houses and many other things. And yes it’s possible to make 80 offers a month. And yes you may have to expand your areas or you can move. hehehe… Good luck in your quest.