I am a Hard Money Lender by trade and come across all kinds of stuff EVERY DAY. Right now, I have access to many resources to put buyers with sellers and vice versa and don’t know the best way to approach it to where I can either just make an introduction and/or facilitate the deal altogether to insure i get a piece of the action? Any tips would be highly appreciated. I can even get you in on the action if you want. I’m new to this whole REO Bulk buying thing, and from what i have found in the short amount of time I’ve been messing with it is that there are MOSTLY Brokers misrepresenting the relationship they have to the buyers or sellers mandate? Another broker daisy chain…HELP !!!

Hard Money Guy - based on what you just described in your post, it seems that you are talking about becoming a “bird dogging”. Bird dogs get their money from doing exactly what you described - putting buyers and sellers together. The other option, considering that you also mentioned that you could facilitate the deal (and I take you mean financially due to your screen name) you could also wholesale deals - buy at a huge discount and sell to your end buyer with a good discount making a profit in the spread. I would recommend you read posts on the Bird Dogging, Wholesaling forum.

Good luck!