need access to forms!!

Does anyone out there know where i can find lease option or any type of real estate contracts, for free? I dont have alot of money to get started, so any suggestions are helpful.

Ask and thou shalt receive. Here are more forms than you’ll need in this lifetime:


Da Wiz

that site is great. just be sure to scroll down past all the ads

Suggestion number one: DON’T USE FREE FORMS!!!

At least not as given. You always, always need to have them reviewed by a local, preferrably referred, local RE attorney to make sure that they are legal and valid in your state and even for your specific area.

If you don’t have alot of money now, just think where you’ll be if you use a free form that isn’t legal/valid and you have to present it to a judge sometime.


Good advice…:slight_smile:

He asked for free forms, I provided them. If he wants to pay:

State specific.

Da Wiz

Calm down, Doc. If free forms he wants, free forms you have provided, and a good site to get them.

Just wanted to point out that that would not be a wise idea to use a free form to start a REI career. Better to use them as a template for you and your attorney to make one state specific and investor specific than to base your financial success on a free contract.

Personally, I don’t recommend buying state specific forms over the net. Still better to have a real live attorney in your corner. Will the writers of those internet forms be willing to stand beside you in a court room should one of those contracts be brought before a judge?


If I was any calmer, Roger, I’d fall asleep. I sent him to a site where:

* All forms are drafted by attorneys or are officially approved forms.
* Attorneys own and operate the Company.
* Many attorneys use the site for their own form needs.
* Free previews are provided for most forms before you purchase.

Da Wiz

Those are good forms and can help one in their education process. But considering that no lawyer can cover {and constantly update} every state’s individual nuances and loop-de-loops on each REI topic in a single form contract, it is not a good idea to just run with a form site unless you are well versed in your state’s laws even if it was written by “a lawyer”.

Using a template as a draft for your lawyer to work from could possibly save you money over him/her having to draw one up from scratch. That is what my mentor used to do. (See Big Brother T–I really do listen–sometimes :-*). Also I have had six years of entertainment-related contract writing training with one of Chicago’s most elite firms through my day job, so I can write a very tight contract from scratch without a template, but for my entertainment business I still let my Jay Dee work them over because it is her job to be constantly up on the current laws. Can’t ask that of a template.

Do you need to have a Real Estate Attorney review every single contract that you put together?