Need a Super Jumbo loan

I need a O/O cash out refi to 80%. Cash out about
$380,000.00. Sfr, 720 fico’s, full doc. Loan amount about 1,400,000.00 Appraisal is 1,750,000.00. In LA, CA. Will take a 1st or 1st & 2nd or just a 2nd. Help!

Why would this be a polled question?


Sorry Keith, My first time on this site and just posted it on the wrong one.

No problem…I was just asking.

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I was waiting for a new thread to start to reply but guess that wont be happening.

Is this a property of yours or are your a mortgage professional trying to assist a client?

How long has the property been owned?

Would a 5/1 interest only be acceptable? (dont ask for rate at this point because there’s more info needed)

It may be possible but some super jumbo lenders have a minimum loan amount of $1,500,000. They may be able to possibly make an exception. Will email them for you and reply tomorrow.

Lender said exception to $1,400,000 is possible.

For someone who needs such a large loan, I would have assumed that you’d check your responses more frequently. Anyway, I’m going to send an email. Please be looking for it.

Workin’ those Forums again :rolleyes