Need a RE Lawyer to fight with Bank

Hello guys,

I’m posting this for a friend of mine mother who’s 70. I just got wind that this woman has the deed to her house but some years back when the old bank sold the loan to a new bank close to the end of her paying off the house, the new bank is stating that she owed several thousands still and instead of fighting them on it. she continued to make the payment. well she’s now on a fix income and her daughter would like her to stop paying on a mortgage they provided proof on years ago that it was paid but fell on deaf ears with the bank.

I told her they need to get a RE lawyer to help them with this. They’re in Philadelphia. I’m hoping to get some referrals her as they just didn’t want to call up someone in the phone book. So if there’s any RE lawyers on here or someone some of you guys have used and know their integrity that would be great and I can pass that along.

Before you hire an attorney, I’d look at the proof she has of payment.
What were the original terms? How many years? Was it ever refi’d?
Does she have escrow statements showing how much paid each year?
Once you’re sure, she really had paid it, go to the bank that was paid off and request a release of lien.
You should be able to work with the bank to resolve these issues.

Thanks Pete. I have them looking at bank statements and looking for some letter they had from years ago stating it was paid off.

I told them to contact the 1st bank and the current bank for their payments and try to find where the mistake is and if it’s truly on the bank, then get the lawyer so they can recoup all those payments made. if the bank doesn’t want to work with them.