Need a No BS Lender

Hi there. I’m looking to buy the following:

2-4 units, NON-owner occupied
Below $417K
DSCRs will be 1.2 or greater
Cap Rates will be 8.5% or greater
LTV will be 75% or lower. The other 25% will be out-of-pocket, seller-financed, or a combination of both.

I’m looking for 30-year fixed. My middle FICO score is 700.


The only way to make it work conventionally (Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac) will be with an out of pocket down payment. You may be able to find a portfolio lender that will allow a seller second, but Fannie/Freddie have done away with seller seconds.

Good luck dude. This was happening back at the tail of 07’. Now…banks want “real” money in the game. Seller seconds are very very hard to be accepted.

Your better bet is to borrow the down payment via credit cards, private money, 401K, etc. etc. and go that route.