Need a name for wholesaling company, any suggestions.

:help :help I am creating a website soon, waiting for response.

This isn’t product marketing, in wholesaling a name isn’t going to sell a house for you… I wouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of time with this…

I should be something that isn’t complex or confuses people. Most wholesalers use the name of “home buyers” snap home buyers, a+ home buyers, trusted home buyers. These are the names of some wholesalers here in baltimore. Since it is going to be your company, the decision really needs to be yours.

I named one of my companies… BAMMCOR stood for Bad Ass Money Maker Corporation

Have fun and get creative…

Michael- that’s hilarious! did any customers ever ask about the name? did you have to explain yourself?

Just make sure it never becomes a Broke Ass Money Maker Corporation :biggrin


One did… I think most thought I was referring to the Flintstones…


Most definitely… Some days I wonder…


keep in mind the internet search engine meta tag or bots will search for key words and phrases . try to use descriptive or specific words pertaining to your business in the name.

I knew a couple who named theres FROG… I thought it was stupid till I started going to Church…

You have me curious. What is FROG and how is it related to church?

Fully Rely of God

Make sure that the name is marketable and cathcy! It needs to have synergy with everything that you do, bandit signs, bus stop benches, traffic billboards, vechicle wraps etc. The name should be able to attract bothn the homeowners looking to sell their home but also buyer looking for discounted properties to acquire. You have to find that middle ground in a name that can easily target both. I hope this helps.