Need a little help with split level homes

We have looked at about 4 split level houses recently and all of them have had mold and moisture issues in the downstairs area. We then started thinking about it and remembered a few split levels from last year that had the same issues, so it’s obviously more than coincidence. I have bought a few houses with mold in them and have torn out moldy drywall, etc., so mold doesn’t scare me but in these split levels it is starting to. Are these homes in general cheaply built, is it a local builder that screwed them up, drainage issues? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Probably drainage issues. I can’t think of a reason a split level would have more moisture issues than a different style of house. But if there is something chronically wrong with the design you better hope it doesn’t come back to bite you later if the mold issue reoccurs with the new owners. Wonder if you could get a mold contractor to give you a free quote and at the same time tell you why its happening. Obviously you are sharp enough to remediate the mold yourself but they might be able to give you a free answer on the cause. Plus you have their experience working for you, they might be able to tell you if they have seen a high rate of occurance in splits.