Need a lender who will give me credit for a contract for deed sale

I am selling my primary residence by providing owner financing to a buyer via a contract for deed. I am wanting to purchase a new house immediatedly after closing, however, my current lender will not give me any credit for the mortgage payments the new buyer is making for the first 12 months. So I have to qualify for two mortgages in order purchase my next house which is almost impossible.

Is there a lender who will allow full or partial credits of the mortgage payments that the buyer makes so I can more easily qualify for a new loan in the state of maryland?


 Your lenders rejection of your sale and subsiquent payments is because of seasoning. Seasoning requires you to recieve payments for 1 year against your note before the buyer is considered financially responsible and the note is excepted as performing paper.

Real easy, lease your home for now and go back and convert it to a sale after you get your new loan, as a rental the lender will except 75% of rental income and your personal income against the expenses of owning both homes.

Good luck,