Need a hand up, NOT a hand out !

I am a novice real estate investor trying to get started. I have been working with a partner that has taught me about the Tax Foreclosure Auction niche, and buying property from counties.

With his guidance I have been able to find several properties that can be purchased for 1/3 to 1/2 of the market value. Unfortunately, due to lack of financing, I have already missed out on a couple of extraordinary deals.

How do I find a lender or partner who would be willing to work with me on these deals? I know that I can make us both some money with my knowledge and leg work in this area. Like my headline says, I just need a hand up.

Any assistance and/or insight would be appreciated. :help

Thank You,


Two suggestions :

  1. These are perfect wholesale deals. get a buyers list together of investors that have financing that would be interested in taking these leads for a fee.

  2. Get a money partner. You find the deals, he buys it and you split the profits.

That is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. I would be greatful for any help and/or direction.


As a real estate investor just getting your feet wet you’re beginning to discover that there’s more to success than positive thinking and a little real estate learning. You also need to have an effective marketing plan. You may not have a marketing background and your real estate mentor may have overlooked teaching you how to build a buyer’s list. Here’s a simple process you can follow to fill your Rolodex with buyers hungry for your deals:

  1. Run an ad on Craig’s List and in your local newspaper – Real estate investors are always looking for a great deal.
  2. Become active in your local REIA and introduce yourself to other investors. If you’ve got a good deal someone is bound to bite. Don’t be a wallflower. You have to be vocal and get the word out. If nobody knows you have a deal you can’t fund it.
  3. Direct mail is another option for you – Spend a little money and buy a list of absentee property owners that have purchased property recently. If they’re absentee there’s a pretty good chance they’re real estate investors. Put together a letter or postcard explaining the sorts of deals you have. Write an effective letter and follow up with a phone call. This can quickly build a bigger list than you have deals.

These are just a few of the ways you can get the word out that you have a deal. Don’t be afraid to open your mouth. Let everyone you come in contact know you’re an investor. Taking the time to learn real estate investing and taking an active role in building a large buyers list will pay huge dividends. Work hard and work smart; you’ll get where you’re going.

Good luck!

Peter Vekselman

Hey Peter,

Want to thank you for the advice. Never thought of marketing on craigslist for that kind of thing.

I have been trying to locate a REIA close to me, but have had no luck thus far. I know there are a few in Oregon, but they’re all a ways away.

In regards to the direct mailing option:

  1. Could you give me some suggestions on where to find lists of absentee property owners?

  2. Would you be willing to share some examples of letters and postcards, so that I don’t go blindly into drafting my own?

  3. If you have any sample scripts for the follow up call with potential investors, I could use some assistance there as well.

Thanks Again,


P.S. I swear, I’m not normally this needy! Lol! :embarrassed