Need a good Answering service comp.

I am getting my systems in place, before I start marketing I want to get a live answering service set up to receive and pre-screen my sellers/buyers. Can anyone recommend me a company? :cool

check out - They provide a good service and have real estate specific operators.

Try Patlive

patlive over voiceconnect any day…they are really good and then after you get established you can try a company called team double click for your needs…they help with personal assistant stuff and can even market your homes for you, making calls and setting up open houses…stuff like that to help with some of the everyday tasks.

Thanks for the advice fellas, 1. question Pat-live charges $79/mo for Live ans. is that for unlimited calls? 2. For team double click it seems interesting whats the cost?

It is a little more expensive, that is why you need to be somewhat established. Patlive is a good starter and is rather inexpensive. Yes, the $79 should be 24/7 and then to connect to you (a live person) should be a certain charge per minute, but you can always negotiate, say that you have a lot of investor friends that you go to meetings with and you will refer all of them if they knock a little off your pice. Good Luck!

You usually get some free minutes, then you get charged per minute on top of the monthly fees. If you get many calls, you could be looking for a large bill.

Also, make sure you get your own phone number and forward it to them that way if you decide to cancel their service, you still get the calls from your outstanding marketing pieces.

I currently use FreedomVoice as a toll-free voicemail.

I’m going to make use of a live operator soon, as a student with 2 jobs, my time demands are high and i’m barely making all my calls, and even dropping the ball on some of them. This is unacceptable.

Patlive allways seemed to expensive for me, but today i started researching and found there’s alot of options out there. There is one though that’s $40/month, nationwide, for 70 calls (this includes gathering data, emailing it to you, etc etc.), and .80 a call after that.

To me, MUCH more reasonable than PatLive at $90/month AND $1.00 per MINUTE per call. With a REI script, a call can last 10 minutes!

Are you willing to pay $300 for minutes (30 leads a month at 10 minutes) and $90 for service, a total of $390, for 30 leads?

Seems i can pay $40/month for 30 leads with this other company, with a max of 70 before more charges. Then it’s only .80 a call. I think it’s a great deal for lead capturing.

Tommorow i’ll be calling different companies, since many don’t seem to post their rates online.


Can you share the name of the company that provides the $40/month for 70 calls?


While I haven’t used Patlive myself, I have definitely heard good things about them. They seem like a good solution for this kind of thing.

reiauctions i was wrong. Their site said that, but when i called them that low rate was for basic live answering, like quick (name, number, message) etc.

Cheapest place i’ve found is called Courteous Communications. $50/month for i believe 60 minutes, then .55/minute after that. Those are ballpark but close, i don’t have the info. on hand.