need a general contractor

i am planning to convert a home into a daycare center and need a good reliable contractor in houston, texas. the person would need to be able to meet deadlines and is aware of city codes. What is the best way to locate someone that can help me.


Start talking to people. If you see new-ish looking buildings you like, march yourself in there and ask who built it and how they liked them.

As far as the deadline part…you might as well set in your mind right now when you want the place done, tell the contractor that date (try to get them to agree to it in writing, with a penalty clause) and then add about 2 months to it and tell yourself you’ll be really happy if it’s done then. I wish I could say LOL, but honestly, expect delays.

As far as finding someone good…talk, talk,talk. Get at least 3 quotes once you’ve narrowed your list down. Also, builders will give you references…well, they’re not going to give you the name of someone who was unhappy with their work. KWIM?

Karla in Amarillo

I agree with KarlaKr, it’s really tough to find someone you’ve never looked for or used before.

Check out some daycares, and ask them who they used. Word of mouth may be the best way to locate someone who knows how to do what you want.

When asking who they used? Make sure they were VERY happy with how it all turned out.

Good Luck!