Need A Favor Looking For A Book

As you can see from my other post it’s taken me 2 years to get a job. I’ve got to change what I’ve been doing.

I’ve spent every bit of money I got to keep from losing my house and now I have to relocate for a commercial porperty managers job. I will have to maintain 2 places to live so I’ll still be pay check to pay check until I can sell my house near KC.

My favor. I was told to get a hold of a copy of Lonnie Skruggs book, Take The Mystery Out of Money. Do any of you REI Club members have a copy you might be willing to donate to me and send it to me.

I’ve read a book, donated to me by another REI Club member, Deals on Wheels. I tend to do to much analysis on things I think. I found it interesting but I wanted to wait until I could relocate back to Phoenix AZ before I start investing in mobile homes. But that will be delayed since the only job I could snag is still in the midwest. I was really wanting to cut almost all my ties to the midwest. Oh well.

If there is someone willing to donate a copy I would be greatful.