Need a break from the grind? Enjoy this video. [now up]

Man + Nature can still be beautiful. I believe this is in some Japanese aquarium.

Excellent, Milwaukee!

But how come no one is being eaten?


They have whale sharks…in an aquarium??? :shocked

That might be the Atlanta aquarium. There are a few whale sharks there. For a stretch, they kept dying though.
Pretty cool nonetheless.

Yes that is the Atlanta Aquarium.

I was very impressed when I took my family there. That is the same thing I was thinking, how in the world do they keep a 2 whale sharks, Manta Ray, numerous sharks and other fish in the same bowl?

It is very nice.

Go during the weekday so that you can enjoy it and not be disturbed my the weekend rush crowd. :razz

That’s so awesome! I would totally wanna go there one day.

WOW! I was so impressed! I want to go there…