Need $5000 signature Loan in Nevada


I live and work in Reno, Nevada. I am looking for a FAST $5000 loan that I will pay off within a year, probably much, much less. I don’t have a great credit history so am willing to pay the extra interest. I have owned my home since 1993, had my job for 5 years. I’m not a flake, just had some challenging circumstances.

I want the money so I can work my regular job part-time in the next 6 months to devote more time to investing, I’m a new wholesaler and I am SO motivated!!! It is frustrtating to have so litte time to learn and work on my new career and I want to GO FOR IT! I KNOW that I will succeed and find my niche soon.

Hope you don’t all think I’m nuts - just trying to be creative. If you think you can help, please send me a private message.

Have a profitable day!!

How about a home equity line of credit?

Wholesaler…shouldn’t take that much money, depending on your marketing and such.

Other than that, you’re going to need to show a plan for what the money is for. Not many handouts out there anymore…but “investors” are, show them how YOU are a good investment for them to put up $5K.

Happy investing

Thanks!!! Good advice and encouragement!