Neebie, Rent or Sale

Am brand new in this “game” currently i own a rental property and have another under contract with at least 30% equity from a motivated seller. should i flip it or rent it? My goal was to start of with rentals. My dilemma is now i have two other properties that i could get at about half their market value. One is in small town and the other in the city but not so good neighborhood. My real estate agent tells me, he has been getting call from people who want to rent (city property). How do i determine how long it would take me to sell them if i flip them. Should i stick to rental property for now or do both? Am based in Oklahoma city.
Thanks in advance.


As a newbie, I think it’s hard to start with rentals. All you need is one bad tenant and you can get burned out on real estate investing for ever.

That being said, the nice thing about rental property is you can try and flip it but since you have a tenant paying rent you can take your time until you get the price you’re looking for.