Neat site you guys have here!

I just wanted to say hello. I’ve been poking around on this site for a while, but it’s neat to find a place with like minded people that are willing to talk about what they do!

As an introduction, my name is Mike. I am 29 y/o and married with four children, all girls (hence the username). I am a buy, fix, and rent investor with five rentals. I’m in NE Kansas and have been doing this about a year and a half. I also manage another five units in two buildings for an out of state investor.

So, I’m mainly getting my feet wet here for now. I’d like to grow more into multifamily properties (duplexes) and maybe eventually some commercial.

I appreciate all the help you guys have given me and the advice for others that I’ve read and benefited from. Thanks!!

Thanks Estrogen Hostage. That is why we are here also. This knowledge is not rocket science but sometimes people only need a piece to 2 to put the whole puzzle together. We don’t give theory or what we have heard we are telling you what we have actually done. My wife keeps telling me I should write a book and not give this information away. I tell her that in order to do a book you have to pander to the largest market and that is the no cash no credit something for nothing crowd. I don’t believe that is possible and would just be taking their money and giving them false hope.

The people here have some snap about themselves so they have a chance to get rich in real estate. We just give them a hand.

Welcome to the site. Hands down the best info around. Everyone is excited about real estate hear GREAT place to learn. Welcome!!! DAMN 4 females i will pray for you :smile

Ha!! 5 if you count the wife! Don’t pray - send beer!

Just kidding - but yes, there’s a lot of estrogen at our house. Things get interesting at times.

Where at exactly in NE Kansas are you doing your investing? I was born and raised in Wichita and doing a bit of investing here. Maybe we can work together somehow. I’ve got 3 rentals and am closing on my fourth today actually. Pretty exciting times here, I’m always looking to buy.

If you are in the KC area, then I would love to work with you on buying some properties up there. I’ve got a lot of family and friends up there and it would give me a great reason to visit more often.

Let me know if you are interested!

I've got 3 rentals and am closing on my fourth today actually.


Another move away from clocking in for someone else.


Thanks allagash!! Closing went good, bought it for 48k, had to put 25% down and going to put about 3k into it (I’m doing almost all of the work minus the granite install). Will easily rent for about $900 for about $425 to $475 cashflow. Not the best investment, but solid…

Property is tax appraised at 77k and will be worth right around that.

I will do these all day.

I’m between kc and Lawrence in a few small towns. I’ll be in Wichita all weekend. My bil just bought a lot of four houses as rentals there and I’m helping him get one ready for rent.

I’ll send a message with my phone number. Call me.