NDA's for a Birddog

Hello Birddogs,
Anyone got an NDA they can shoot my way?
Many thanks,

Seeing as how I’ve gotten 12 views and no response; let me rephrase this…Which of you birddogs has taken time to research and put together a NonDisclosure Agreement that is bulletproof for the BD and prevents the newbie from getting reamed by the investor? As the investor, I would appreciate one of you guys helping me out with one of my newbies and forwarding one to me so I can wrap this deal up and get him paid…

Dave, see if the links will help.




Appreciate it, Bruce…
I just wanted to see if one of the newbie/birddog/wannabe REI but no cash or credit/Been studying for 10 years but never done a deal/YADDA,YADDA,YADDA; etc, would be willing to help one of their own out or if they’re only interested in draining the knowledge out of the freely giving investors/mentors on this board and not reciprocating in any way…I just want to get my hands on an agreement that’s highly skewed towards my Birddogs on a one time deal… I have my contracts in place for my dedicated salespeople…JUST looking for an NDA. It’s good to know that other investors are willing to share the knowledge, though…Beer’s on me next time in Indy.
Thanks for listening to the rant,