NC tax law and tax sales

Hello everyone, I’m new to the REI game and its a game I intend to be good at :). I’m from NC and wanted to know if anyone has done any tax sales there? I here about TX tax sales all the time here and it sounds like a good niche to get in. I would greatly appreciate any websites and/or advice anyone could give.


No tax sales in the Charlotte area. Welcome to NC. If I can ever help let me know. David Graham, Broker Owner

If you’re ever in Boston and need legal help, look me up…Denny Crane - never lost, never will…



That was actually very funny! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Da Wiz

Thank you – I’ll be here all week!


the tax sales for my NC county are posted on the county tax site under realestate foreclosure. I been to a few bank foreclosures on court house steps, but not tax sales. What happens to the mortgage balance owed if you purchase for back taxes due, aren’t you liable for the balance of mortgage?