Nationwide Title Company

Can someone provide me with the name(s) of a Title Company or Companies that handle Back to Back Closings across the country?

When you refer to back to back closings, I think you are refering to a “Double Closing” ?

Double Closings are legal in only about half of US states because laws have been enacted which prohibit paying for a purchase with funds from your downline buyer.

In the US there are states which handle closings through conventional Escrow (Title) companies and there are states which handle there closings by Attorney (Title) closings.

There is no US company that handles closings in all 50 states!

Fidelity National Title handles closings in multiple states and is one of our countries biggest companies.

Ticor, Chicago, First American are some of the other well known title companies.

Anoyone know of one that handles double closings in CA?