National City Short Sale

I just signed a contract this weekend allowing me to attempt to short sale a property. The funny thing is there are two deeds of trust (the sencond being worth more than the first, there was never a subordnation agreement filed) the first with HSBC is for 35K and the sencond with National City is 66K, National City is Foreclosing Im hoping to go after them on the short sale. QUESTION: Has anyone delt with N.C. or HSBC, how much percentage wise did they come off of the note or BPO??? The actaul retail of this property is only 100K, thats in top shape which this one is not.

Thank you in advance

I had a great experience with National City; the homeowner was only 1/2 month behind, NC held 1st and 2nd, they took $50k off with hardly any negotiation. But that was my experience. Good luck!