National Association of Homeowner Advocates

I would like to take a minute or two to thank National Association of Homeowner Advocates for all the help they have giving me. Most people try to get over on me and lie. They have helped me when NO ONE did. Now I’m able to keep my house and afford it. I was loosing it. My real Estate agent told me I was going to be foreclosed August 3 and have no where to live. NAHA is excellent, their attitude is excellent, their customer service voice is truthworthy and soothing, I’m lucky I found them. I would like to give them an acomation on everything I could. Most people are nasty and don’t care about you, NAHA has more class than anyone I met in the last 12 years in Florida. I wanted to post this to let everyone now that if everyone was more like them they too would be a better person.
I filled out an application with them over the phone and in about 2 hours I got a call back from them letting me know I was approved for a Loan Modification and reduced my payment down almost 40%.
Their phone number is (877) 867 9052 and their website is