nasty reply?

did u guys ever get a really nasty respond to the letters you’ve sent out?

Not yet - nor to my voicemail. But I’ve heard others that have and they just ignore it (unless it comes in the form of a terroristic/physical threat).

i’ve sent out a lot of letters to notice of default leads i found on

angry people keep calling me up and cursing on the phone.
their houses are not in the foreclosure process (anymore?).

what’s the best way to handle these people?
my only intend was to help.
how do i make them not angry at me?

is there a better site that has a more updated list?
(i’m in new york)

go to the court house and the title companies

this is the best and current info ;D

Thanks for the reply.

I went to the courthouse and they didn’t have a list.
They even had a big sign saying “don’t ask for foreclosure lists!”

Title companies would just give me preforeclosure lists?

WOW that is harsh they would not even give you or point you to the place where notice of defaults were file either guess that is the big apple

I would go in with a sign saying “Who pays YOUR salary”

Workers in the courthouse are public servants and wiork for you, the taxpayer…where is this happening?


thats the courthouse in brooklyn, NY where they have the sign.
they just tell people to look up the notice of defaults on the computer, but they don’t really explain how…

i heard in some of the other boroughs, like the bronx they have a list, though…

  1. hey keith i guess the big apple bites back

I sent out over 15k mailers a month and get tons of nasty replies… i ignore them. they go directly to an answering service and thus we dont really talk to them and they have no way of gettting a hold of us

I would also suggest using a Ups store return address in case they come looking for you.

I actually save the phone messages and play them from time to time … they are hilarious.

To get you to stop mailing them they have to fill out a form with the Post office and most people dont take the time to do it.

Figures…the city motto of NY is “F… You”, “No, F… You”. Tha state motto is “Are you talkin’ to me? I know you’re not talkin’ to me like that!”

Having grown up in rural New England where they ALL go to “summer”, I really HATE New York! Well, actually it’s the New Yorkers…(and the Yankees).


I work in northwest CT, tons of rich ass New Yorkers around here at there vacation homes…dreadful people.

I’m originally from the Berkshires…my brother lives in NW Connecticut…he works for “one of them”…the guy owns AIG Insurance…money up the wazoo. Owns an 800-acre estate that my brother manages.


I’m in Canaan, what town is your brother in? I live in central CT though, people are a little more normal there.

Small world, he’s in Salisbury…


That’s no surprise that would be my first guess, that town has money out the wazoo (wazoo=technical term). Canaan is a little more of a farm town though the New Yorkers are creeping in. Someone sued the dairy farms in Canaan due to the smell. Keep in mind the farms have been here 100+ yrs and the people suing bought a house here recently sight unseen from NY.

I’m VERY familiar with Canaan…I went to high school just over the Mass. line in Sheffield!

Some of those farms have been there since the mid-1700s. My father’s family helped settle the area (Colbrook, Winstead, etc.) in the 1750s and 1760s…

The problem is, with the liberal courts, the New Yorkers will probably win! I stand by my statement…I H8 NY!



The key is not to take their responses personally. You have no idea what they’re going through and they are just saying no to your offer or letter, not to you.

Getting those responses can really be a downer sometimes. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you’re doing and acheiving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

It’s like what Adam Corolla (comedian and part-time philosopher) said, “Why do I care what someone says about me? It’s like someone saying, ‘Hey, that bum says you’re ugly.’ When I go home at the end of the day, he’s still a bum and I’m stinking rich. What do I care what he thinks?”

Be a teflon pan. Nothing sticks! :slight_smile:

Big Cheese

I might change my marketing material if I were getting that kind of a response. Have you talked to other investors about what they send?