Nancy Chadwick "Buying and selling a land"
Does anyone has an input on the subject or on the course?
Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I think i can t help you on this.
I ll only tell you the best book on land i ve heard about, but i must tell you that i don t know it neither, so believe if you want…
Investing in Land, Robert Abalos.

If you ll buy it, you can always tell us if it were $75,00 well spent…

P.S. Meanwhile you can go to his web pages:

I’d do “google” search on Robert Abalos before buying anything from him.

That’s all I’ll say about him…


Nancy has excellent materials and they are well worth the investment, she is a true professional in the business.

Go with someone like Nancy who also contributes to this forum to help posters with their questions.

John $Cash$ Locke

…and listen to what William Bronchick is saying without really saying it!