Name for Marketing Book

A couple of questions for all of you.

  1. If you wrote a marketing book for real estate investing what would you name it?

  2. What would you write about?



I would name my book- 10 Easy Steps to FAIL at Real Estate Investing.

My book would focus on buying properties without using any of my cash or credit (Sub2, CFD, L/O). I would put every newbie pitfall that I have either personally encountered or heard about through other investors.

IMO there aren’t any good books out there that tell about the REAL pitfalls of a new investor. All of them teach pie-in-the-sky, perfect case scenario lessons on investing. I think a book about what NOT to do would be priceless. :brow

“Real Estate Marketing For Dummies”
You would capitalize on the other books with a similar title. Everyone has heard of the dummies books. That is because they are in every major book store in the US and everyone has at least read a page or two out of at least one book.

Let me know when you finish the book. I will take my free copy for coming up with such a great name :biggrin


As far as the book title goes, I would brag about your company name since everyone knows the phrase. Title does not have to be short, it is a headline so I would go with:

“I Buy Houses!”
“How to find all the motivated sellers for pennies on the dollar!”

As far as what to teach, you’re a great teacher and have all the knowledge… I would think:

  1. What is a motivated seller and why do we look for them
  2. Setting up a USP and why
  3. Where to find these motivated sellers
  4. How to find these motivated sellers
  5. Direct mail items and the importance of repeat mailing, maybe your famous how to use bulk rate how to?
  6. Scripts and conversations
  7. maybe marketing to sell

Michael is writing a book!

Do we get discounts if we buy in early?

I’d probably call it something like “Power Investing” or something like that. When it comes to what to write about, I would have to agree with what fadi mentioned in his post.

“Real Estate Marketing Answers”

You’ve got all the questions, and here are the answers.