naked investor mentoring program

Has anyone ever done this program through naked investor? It seems resonable but I would like to get others opinions and reviews please. Thanks in advance

I think it does speak well of Michael’s confidence in his ability that he limits the number of students he will take on at any one time, and, that he will refund the entire cost of the mentoring program when you complete your first deal as one of his mentoring students.

Michael is a really great guy who teaches a great subject. He will help you as much as you are willing to put in the effort. I’d definitely send him an email and get the specifics on what you’re looking to do versus what he can offer you.

I have used Michael as a Mentor to try getting some deals under my belt. He is very easy to work with and quite knowledgable.

I would definitely get the manual he offers (I’m very bias though as I love the concept of Lease Purchases). His opinions/views/and information are very straight forward and he also has a GREAT sense of humor. :cheesy

Definitly get the manual. Michael is not the get rich quick guru you’ll find other places. The forum alone is great and he answers there every day.
He is one of the very few who teach the co-op assignment. Herbster

I worked with Michael a few years back. I’ll say it was the best decision I ever made. It was an investment in myself, which paid for itself with my first deal about a month later.