N. Carolina property

Can somebody tell me a bit about NC property? Is the RE market there still hot? And what about inland near the mountain and lake region. Would you recommend investing there? Thank you in advance.

I am in Raleigh,NC in one of the communities right outside of Raleigh. My area cleveland/clayton is growing like crazy. ResearchTrianglePark-RTP ( A huge and famous pharmaceutical park is always in the headlines getting more money and more GROWTH. In my neighborhood alone, which used to be rural tobacco land builders are trying to throw up new subdivisons to keep up with the incoming transplants, schools are overcrowded and businesses are popping up on every corner. The mountain region is becoming huge for vacation and retirement and of course the coast of NC is one of the BEST places to vacation or retire. NC is HOT for real estate investing!!!

I was wondering if somebody has looked in the following golf communities in NC.


I was wondering if buying the residential lot there is good for investment.

My biggest concern about N.C property are the vacancy rates out that way.