Does anyone on here have one for there company and have you ever gotten a deal from myspace?

Unless you’re a band, myspace will make your business look less credible. Its always better to get your own site.

Im curious what you mean by deal with myspace though. Like advertising?

Yes does anyone use it as an advertising tool?

What percentage of myspace users are old enough to own a home?

Now if you could actually target certain ages, that might be worth it.

But if its myspace I bet its expensive. You might contact them to see if they do it.

Well i have a program that will add people for me right from the real estate group so for me its worth the networking i get from it. The real estate group im adding from right now is 20k people and thats just one group there are thousands out there. I hate to break it to you but myspace is not for just kids in fact wallace from this forum has a myspace group and it has 50k people in it.

Yeah but has he had any deals come of it?

Id like to know if he has. Might be worth it.

For networking, yeah I can see that being a good thing, depending on if your RE market is big enough to have people using myspace for it. But for getting leads I dont think its possible.

Ive been wrong in the past though.

I believe you are correct about leads but if your looking to buy a property outside of your target market say in another state then myspace would come in handy.

Myspace has so many ads that it doesn’t seem to work as well for real estate. I know people with it and have an old account, but would prefer to use it to send listings to friends. There are some agent networks on it, so it could be worth a try.

You mean that joke that pushes NR Koolaid and created a copycat of this forum with nearly an identical name? Yeah, not a good example.

explain please

What is there to explain? He is one of the suckers that paid $30k or so for the Nuevo Riche program and is now trying to find other suckers to sign up so he can recoup his money. And he started another forum that might as well be a direct carbon copy of this one with a nearly identical name. He’s a joke.

Ummm…I hate to break it to YOU, joker…you’re only 18 and, yeah, myspace is pretty much all about being a teenager, trying to remain one, or being a predator there upon!


I myself have a myspace acct but I only use it to keep contact with some friends around the country that I haven’t seen since highschool. Beyond that it’s not ready to do real business on or create a real online presence unless you are a band.

Most of the discussion topics on those groups are spam…

lol no matter what i say youll find something wrong with it. I was just showing that real people in real estate use myspace not whether they spam or not.

If you’re talking about Wallace as a “real” investor you are sadly mistaken. All he did was “invest” too much into Nouveau Riche and he’s trying to get himself out it by selling it to others.

No im just giving examples that there are real people that aren’t little kids that use myspace.