Has anyone used this site with any success. Are these deals real or is this site a scam. Thanks in advance.

I’ve called on multiple Wholesale and Motivated seller deals posted on the site; however I haven’t purchased a home from any of these opportunities yet. I’ve enjoyed seeing what’s posted and have been able to develop a good ‘buyers list’ from some of the contacts I’ve made. Even though I haven’t purchased a property from myhousedeals, I’ve remained a member because I’ve enjoyed receiving the monthly free gifts available to me as a member. These gifts have been a great source of education and motivation. I posted my first deal on the website and got tons of calls. I used the ‘email blast service’ for $197. My phone was ringing off the hook and I ended up wholesaling my deal in less than two weeks. Money well spent!!!

They used to flood Craigslist (at least in Dallas) with spam. I’m talking spoof real estate ads, just to get you to come to their website and listen to some 18-year old looking kid tell you about his super deals via a low-grade streaming video. To me that was a real turnoff. Honestly any company that has to spam, and cannot afford real advertising, is not worth dealing with in my book.

Thanks CEO it is nice to see a response from someone known on the site who has more than 1 post!!!