My True Story of How I Was Able To Lower My $1,400/month Mortgage to $655/month

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has ever worked with these guys TheMortgageHelpers

Not to sound overly optimistic, but these guys literally saved my neck. I guess by now you all know the story - I’m a married dad of 2 beautiful daughters and early in 2010 I got laid off my “secure” job because of the economy. My wife and I simply could not afford to keep making the mortgage payments of $1,400 a month and we dipped into our savings. At the start of this summer, I really knew something had to give in and I looked around desperately to find a way to lower my monthly payments. I spent probably 10 hrs a day looking up stuff online no kidding.

These guys couldn’t have come at a better time, the literally saved our family (and my wife and i’s marriage which was falling apart under financial stress). If you have a chance, try them out and see what they say. Maybe they can be of some help. Best of luck!

That would be a loan modification. You didn’t put down a web address.

If in fact you did receive help, good for you!

If, on the other hand this was an antic to get us to check out “mortgage helpers” because you work for them or “are” them, then you should just come clean and be legit as to your intentions. We are a helpful bunch of guys that love helping one another out and if you honestly want to attract business just say so. :slight_smile: