my scenario....can anybody help?

Hello and all good morning,
I have just a few Questions pertaining to my scenario. My father and I are in the process of starting our own construction company. My father has been in the construction business for over 25 years and can do many aspects of the project. The plan is to build a SPEC house, we will be doing most of the work ourselves to keep the price to build low. This business has been in the works for about 3 years trying to get started, saving and trying to get the start up money ourselves, then i found out after 7 years that the Army dont pay that well. We figure we can build the house in aprox. 5 months. I am currently in Iraq in the United States Army and will be getting out in a few months. I have a potential investor that are willing to invest money. The price range that we are going for is a middle range in the current sub-division that we are going to build in. the figures are as follows:
building cost------162,000 includes labor and interest payments for 11 months
realty 6%------19,530

total cost to build including lot -----244,030
projected sale price -----336,000

Realtor that covers that sub-division says the average per sq ft sale price is 150-175. My projected sale price is off 160 sq ft.

Now here comes my questions.
What is the average rate of return for somebody that puts in 62,500?

The investor wants to buy the lot he says that he wants monthly payments, is that normal?

I offered him 12% of his total investment at the sale of the house or 12 months which ever came first, he said that is not enough. His reply is that i am basically footing the bill to get you started i want more, he told me to get #'s together and get back with him. What would you do? Am i out of line by offering 12%?

I think that this deal will work the town that we are building in is getting a Coles and a Target so you know that they would not be building if the area was not building.

Is there another way to get started? My credit is not that good i think it is 615?

I would like to see something started by september to avoid to much of the cold missouri weather.

Thanks again for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

<<…then i found out after 7 years that the Army dont pay that well>>

My a slow learner…it took me about 15 minutes to figure that out – but then I wound up spending 20 years!



it took me about 15 minutes to figure that out – but then I wound up spending 20 years!

LOL! I got snookered by Uncle Sam’s Air Force into signing up for 6 instead of 4. What’s funny(/sad?) is one of the reasons I joined was because of the VA benefits (including housing assistance). That was back when the $12k/yr salary looked great, tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

After I got appointed as a Warrant, the money started getting better…and I got three all expenses-paid vacations to Europe!


Lucky(?) you. Aside from a few TDY’s to Biloxi, MS (whoo-hoo!), I almost got an all-paid trip to S. Korea. (Un)fortunately, it got cancelled at the last minute.

Well, these ‘vacations’ totalled 6 years!


well cool i have spent 7 years will be 8 when i get out. so does anybody have any ideas or answers to my questions. lol

Sorry no answer. I to spent 6 yrs in the AF. 4 of it was served in Germany. It was nice spending 4 yrs in Europe on Uncle Sam’s dime. I got smart the first time around and did not re-up for another term and ran as fast as I could to Lufthansa to catch my 8 hour flight