My realtor can't find comps for a house - What can I do?

My realtor can’t find comps for a cashflow rental house I’m looking at. It’s located in town. 4Bdr, 2Ba., 1200 Sq. Ft.built in 1970.

She’s tried going out to 4 miles and still nothing. Yikes! What can I do to get comps for this? Totalview thinks it’s worth $45k, pinal county has it valued around $60k for taxes.

Also, would you still use ARV x 70% minus repairs and your fee, or would you treat a formula different because its a rental. If so, what formula would you use? Thank you in advance.

something that I do is this… just try to get the property for the lowest possible price. after you do that , tell the seller that the property doesnt fit your criteria well and that one of your guys will be buying the property. You should disclose this with him because is a rental so he will figure out what you are doing when bring people through . If he is motivated , he won’t care who buys it. Now if you paid too much for it , you will know it because you will get very little interest. I also dont worry too much about the #s because there’s a lid for very pot , meaning that there’s a buyer for every property even if you don’t have a 70% discount. If you can’t sell , you can always go back and renegotiate with the seller at a lower price and you have proof that his asking price is high because none of your guys where interested. That’s all there is to it.