my next investmet

my next house that i want to put an offer on has an old oil burning stove for a furnace. This thing has to go as it is the biggest fire hazard i have ever seen. Anyways there is a half basement that i can put a furnace/ac unit in. my question is how much does it cost for a furnace/ac unit to be installed, and how much to run all the ductwork? This is the only major thing i have seen with the house, and the rest is just cosmetic. Can anybody tell me about how much this may cost?

I have put a furnace/central air unit in for $6200, and that was a deal, and the major ductwork was already there. I would suggest calling 2-3 and getting bids. Good luck!!

Duct work is what is going to bite you in the but. Make sure the contractors give you an itemized quote. That way you can have the lowest bid rough in the duct work.

Hi! I rehabbed a REO last summer that hadn’t been winterized (Minnesota) which caused the hot-water heating system to “explode”, basically. So we had to start fresh with all new ducting, furnace and a/c unit. It cost around $8,000. Plus another $3,200 before that to have the asbestos-wrapped pipes properly disposed of before any work could be done. Our ducting was easier than most because we had an old laundry chute that laid the way for the ducting path.