I got a new bird dog named Mike, he called on one of my bandit sign he seen while driving.

He said he was a cop with 25 yrs in, and was now a Sargent working the complaint desk. He wanted to buy some properties. He had also called several other bandit signs.

One of the other bandit sign guys name is Justin and he said he had a house on contract for 60K. Mike the cop calls me & we look at the property online and we negotiate this guy Justin down to 57K, I just got it sold for 70 frikin thousand buks. Starting escrow today.

Mike and I are splitting $13,000 dollars, the other wholesaler is making $7,500.

How insane is this? The new bird dog and I are making a shipload of cash for doing almost nothing.

As you can imagine, Mike and I are frikin excited as is Justin. The homeowner is happy to get rid of this junk property and put 50 Grand cash in his pocket and the end buyer is happy to get this 120 - 140K house (after repairs) for only 70K

Everybody wins on these deals.

What’s really insane is, I havnt met Mike or Justin, I havnt met the seller or seen the house and even though my buyer and I have done 15-20 deals I still havnt met him.

All this while sitting on my freakin ass at my computer and a few phone calls.

This house or property is being wholesaled 4 -5 times, Justin, Mike and I, and my buyer is a Realtor that will flip it to the end buyer who will probably fix and flip it again.
Mike the cop was interested in buying these junkers to fix and flip. His hard money guy wudnt loan on this property.

I explained to Mike in the 3-6 months it wud take him to rehab these properties we cud flip 10 properties and make more money, less stress, no risk and a lot less work.
I think he’s converted.
Let’s cut the excuses and make some MONEY…


That is some cool and creative hustling! So did you put the contract under contract or did you own it momentarily?

Haha, I never own these properties, the first wholesaler Justin has the house under contract, Mike and I have a contract with Justin, and I forwarded justins assignment contract for my buyer to sign.
What I am asking myself is, why didn’t I call these bandit sign numbers? How many more deals wud I of had? I got the buyers, But not enuf deals.
Another question is, why are you not networking with other wholesalers?

Hi Randoskie. I sent you an email.