My modest update

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to thank everyone for his or her support while I’ve been here. The update is that I’ve paid off all my debt. I don’t know whether I’ll get into real estate (I’mma thinkin’ we’re headin’ toward a recession - see history book pg. 12 on 1970s gas crisis) lol

But, I’m free with some modest savings.


Good job, CC!!



Congrats. There is seldom a better feeling.

Da Wiz

Congratulations!! :beer:

Now don’t forget what got you there. Repeat after me…I will NOT do that again… :wink:

Best of Luck in whatever you do!!

lol… so true, so true. I’ve even started paying for things with … wait for it…

CASH, AND logging it into my checkbook.

I’ve seen two great properties for REI, but I’m still in the recovery ward. I’ve been buying stocks, but no major REI just yet.