My Foreclosure nightmare

I am actually considering starting a blog about all I went thru. It breaks my heart when I read about what is going on in this country. Trust me, I know. I got to stay in my home. I used Tim Mccabe in South Florida but I don’t know if they help people in other states. But when I read the stories of people who are having the worst time in their life, it makes me so sad.

We understand you went through tough times which everyone does in a lifetime. Have you consider paying the lender what you owe? Everyone we talk to said their home lost value and yes I agree and each home owner want the lender to discount the note because the home is worth less now then when they bought it. Now less say if the market turn around and your home increase in value would you be willing to share the good fortune with the lender?

no doubt current situation is painting a very bleak and painful picture.we r facing this problem due to over expansion of credit in our society.recession is also one of the cause of over-utilization of credit.