My First Step

Well, after all this time thinking and researching about this, I made my first move today. I would like to gather some investores I went through the newspaper and calling a few investors. None of the picked up the phone but I left them a message so I guess I’ll go from there.

Anyone knows any investors in Michigan, let me know.

Thank you.

Howdy Rulz:

What is the purpose of your calling investors from the newspaper. Are you building a buyers list for a deal? Do you have a deal? What is your plan?

I am building a list of investors. I am looking at a deal. Am I on the right track here?

Howdy Rulz:

Are you birddogging or wholesaling? What is the plan? Hard to tell if you are on the right track if you do not lay out some track. In the early stages it is all good. Getting to know other investors and what sort of deals they are looking for will be helpful. On the other hand if you get a no brainer deal and put a small ad in the paper you will get 60 calls or more a day. Who needs to waste time finding investors when they will flock to you like seagulls at the beach with a loaf of bread.

I plan to do wholesaling. I guess I’m just a bit scared, being a newbie and all, that I would strike a deal without any buyers lined up. But you did make a good point about wasting time. I just somehow need to find out how the market is out there.

RulZ -

What separates REI’s from wannabe REI’s is that REI’s are willing to expand their comfort zone. I’ve heard and read countless stories of people who have been forever stuck in “I need to learn more before doing” land - never willing to take that next step.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Just do it!

Hmm you got me there. I guess I just have to do it.