My first rental home - late fees


My friend referred me to this forum.

This is my first rental property, I am needing some advice.

I leased my house out in January and my tenants have been paying their rent on time for about 65% of the time. They originally owed me $450 in late fees and we agreed that they would split it up over the next three months (when the lease is up). They already paid $150 towards it leaving $300 to be paid. The good thing about having these tenants is that the take really great care of the house inside and out. When we met to sign the lease back in January they told me they would be interested in buying the house when the lease expired, and I was wanting to sell the house at the end of this lease. Now the time is here and they are trying to scrape together the money needed to put down on the house required by the lender they are going through. As a backup they applied for an apartment if they can’t buy the house. So I got a call from the people at the apartments asking questions about their track record with me. But one thing my tenant wants me to do is tell them that they are current on their bills so they can get approved. I am hesitant to do this because they could use that statement to get out of paying the late fees. I don’t know if they are pulling my leg about wanting to buy the house and using me to get them a good reference and get out of paying their late fees at the same time. My question is what should I do?


I always assume the tenants are lying until proven otherwise. I would tell the tenants that you’ll be happy to give the tenants a good reference once they’ve paid their late fees in total. I don’t lie and I certainly wouldn’t tell another landlord that the tenant is current if they are not.


I totally agree, that is what I did, thank you for you advice.