My first home

I am trying to buy a double wide beautiful manufactured home for my family & I. If I get the home I am going to have it retro fitted (bolted into the concrete) so that when a strong storm comes at any time, my family and I don’t have to worry about the storm itself deciding on how & where IT would like us to relocate our home without our permission :biggrin.

Can anyone give me the best advise about manufactured homes and what kind of things I should know about? Thanks everyone! :beer

Do you own the land already? Or are you buying it as a land home deal. In your posting you said that it is not currently bolted to the ground? FHA lenders will require it to be anchored to the ground beofre closing. If that is the route you were going to take.

 Hello Jo,

All kinds of neat things about mobes out there. Just folded one up with a trac hoe this morning, took 5 dumpsters to make it go away, circa 1969.
Depending on the type of financing ’ age of the home and credit worthiness will determine a lot of your to do’s in order to get financing.

You may have a few options depending on your transaction, need to know more from you though.
Good Luck ToTo !! Darin

How is the property titled? There tends to be issues with title on Manufactured homes. There is one for the property (real estate) and one for the home. The one for the home could be just like the one for your car which will pose issues with the Lender.

If you are using an agent they should be able to quickly clear this up for you.

yes chris, I am buying it as a land home deal and they are not excepting fha financing so we’re going conventional. I’ve gotten it inspected already and checked for termites.The inspector said on a scale from 1-10 it’s 9 :biggrin. The termite inspector didn’t find any sign of termites, but he did find carpentor ants on the outside corner of the house. He said I could go to home depot and buy something that will probably take those out,but if not he said he would do it for $95.

So far so good guys unless there is something else I should beware of that I don’t know about. Thanks for everybody’s reply’s. God Bless!! :biggrin