My first eviction

Ok well the inevitable has happened…I have my first deadbeat tenant…I followed the rules and the tenant was served a 3 day notice and didn’t comply…Now the process is about 2 weeks from completion…I still have the tenants security deposit and that is more than he owes…No honor system here…As I understand it he can still become current but hasn’t as of yet…Oh well,its was bound to happen sooner or later…

Just part of your rite of passage into the real world of landlording! Congratulations!


Kinda reminds me of that scene in Goodfellas when Ray Liotta gets busted for the first time… LOL

That’s the trick: to file eviction as soon as they stop paying, and maybe you can get them out while their deposit still covers what they owe you.

Call Joe Pesci! He’ll get that deadbeat straightened out! Or Deniro when he choked that guy with a phone cord for not paying! :shocked :banghead :banghead

tatertot is exactly right. The rent is due on the first. Depending on state law on the fifth day they always get a 3 day letter. You file on the 8th if they haven’t paid. My JP court usually hears evictions on the21st. You show up on the 21st. The tenant never shows up so you win automatically. The judge orders them out by that Tuesday when the Sheriff does his evictions which is at the latest a week away. They are out by the first of the next month.

Ray Liotta laughing when Deniro was choking that guy with the phone cord is the best part of the movie!! LMAO!! :cheesy