my DRUM TRAP plumbing nightmare!

okay so I just had to replace two drum traps accending to one sewer line. They were hooked up to tubs that backed up to one another. I shelled out 550 for this problem 2 weeks ago exactly. This morning another tenant has called with the same problem! They used drano and I went up and plunged it, snaked it and the tub is still holding water! Has anyone had to deal with these before. The drums are in the flooring and we have to cut into the ceilings to get to them then cut them out and replace them with p traps as the drums are not up to code. Any tricks? These clogs are getting me really down we have 41 units in a three story building. Thanks


maybe make sure that the traps are the problem.

our tubs get slow from hair caught on the drain pop-up mechanism. I take off the “stopper” and remove the hair with needle nosed pliers about once a year. no problem.

yeah, draino does not get hair balls that are hung up on the drain hardware. try a plastic thing called a zipper in the trap its barbed and you just shove it down and when you pull it out is catches everything. i just did this on my g/fs house in the sink and the hairball was huge - she had tried plunging, lw plumber, and draino for months the zipper took about 30 seconds.

if its an old building and all of the sudden everything is not working, look to something else like has there been street work going on where your exit pipe got crushed or something stupid like that. Drains just dont work for 50 years then stop working without something major happening.

I remember when I was a kid our sewer pipe ended up having a tree root that grew through it…

I just uncloged a drain in my kids bath room tub by taking my shop vac and sucking the clog out. I removed the overflow valve and plugged the overflow and just sucked on that baby. Got a wad of hair about the size of a baseball. Maybe not the best way but it sure worked for me. ;D

Yes my dad and I use a 30 Gallon Shop vac to do our plumbing drain issues now.

It has been an absolute God send