My ads only attract investors

I’ve been putting up bandit signs every Friday night for a couple weeks now. I get a few calls each time and half of them are other investors looking for someone to flip to. I’m trying to flip houses too, and there’s no room for profit in these deals. Is there some way I could modify my marketing plan to attract fewer investors and more homeowners? I just have the basic “I Buy Houses” signs. Should I add something to them when I order the next batch?

There are a ton of ideas be creative in your marketing! do not be normal… Robb

You definately aren’t normal Robb…


And by all means, don’t throw away your leads on investors! After-all, they are who you will most likely be wholesaling to down the road!

These are wholesalers. They don’t buy houses. They just double close, or assign contracts like me.

A lot of the people that call are “wannabe” investors trying to get into Real Estate, so sure, some of these leads will buy your houses.

Screening out investors in your marketing is easy enough. You can just state that you will only speak with the primary owner.

The dilemma is that on a bandit sign, space is limited. You can really only fit a headline (such as I Buy Houses! Fast Cash!) and a call to action (Call 800-SELL-NOW or whatever).

You could let it go to voicemail first, but you may risk losing some people who want to talk to someone now. Really, though, if they are motivated they will leave a message. It is not like in the newspaper where they will call the next ad.

That is unless they are driving a street lined with bandit signs:).


I assume we are discussing bandit signs as a primary marketing tool as opposed to a brand reinforcement exercise.


In my mind they are one in the same. The bandit signs should have the same type of message as your postcards as your letters as your brochures…

For instance, if part of your marketing includes the fact that you “Act fast!”, then all of your marketing should have “I Act Fast!” If you promote the fact that “Se Habla Espanol”, it should say that on all of your pieces. People remember repetition, not differences. So people will connect your pieces together through your similar catch phrases.

getting calls from other investors (or wanna be’s)is a good thing!

If they’re looking for that same as you, you might be able to build a referral relationship with them. They may actually come in contact with someone thay can help them and you also. ::slight_smile:

Just checking

What about lawyers? It would seem they would have clients who would need quick cash. :wink: