My 1st Yellow Letter - Please critique

Looking to send this yellow letter to free and clear absentee owners. The goal is to buy their property with seller financing: a little cash up front and monthly payments.

I know most of the example yellow letters I’ve seen are very short and non-specific: “I want to buy your house - call me” - but my thinking with this slightly longer letter is to weed out the sellers that want only top dollar, all cash and pre-sell potential sellers with the idea of accepting payments for their equity.

Please let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement

thanks in advance for any replies

Hi Steven,

Have you had it with nightmare tenants, costly repairs, evictions, and all the headaches of being a

Why not turn your equity in 2999 S Locust St into a truly passive income stream?

How? As a local investor, I can make you an all cash offer, though most sellers I speak with choose to maximize their profit by structuring the sale with monthly payments over time.

That way, you get a check every month, even if the property is vacant - and all the tenant issues, showings, maintenance and repairs become my responsibility.

Give me a call right now and let’s talk about it.


P.S. Call today and in a week you could have cash in hand and that problem property off your back

Search fdjake’s recent posts for a great example of a letter.

March 25, 2011

[Seller’s First Name],

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly yesterday. I wanted to follow up on my offer to you.

It is substantially less than what you wanted for your house on [Street Name], and isn’t meant to insult you.

However, just consider my offer as a safety net constructed of cash. If you need a net, you have one. What looks like a low ball offer today, might in a month, be a way for you to move on with your life.

My phone number is 555-5555.

Remember this…if you dial those 7 numbers, at the other end of that line is your money…all you have to do is call for it!

With Best Regards,

[Buyer’s First and Last Name]

Cash offer: $120,500 As-is, no cleaning, no repairs required, close on your schedule.

This is my variation on fdjake’s letter.