my 1st l purchase

I have a prospect of a lease purchase and I am not sure how to handle it. She is not listing her house anymore. been on market 6 mths. How could I structure a deal to lease purchase. House is on a reort golf course and new homes sell for about 330,000. Her is 15 years old and has tax value at 245,000. If the fmv is 240, what would you lease purchase it for and how much option money would I normally give her and would buying it after 60 days be contingient on me finding a seller? How would I word it to her? Should I ask to not make payments for 60-90 days so I can find a seller? Sorry but I am nervous. I have been studying course but when i get close to doing a deal I about break out in hives. I know if i could do it a couple of times i will get it. THANX :smile