Must watch video if you do low income properties

I got a real kick out of this news report. It’s old but I have never seen it. I do recognize the special “leprechaun flute” the guy with the bullet proof vest is holding as a scaffolding connector. Feel sorry for the contractor that had that stolen from him. Hope he has health insurance for the fall.


LOL!!! I’ve seen this video like a hundred times and EVERY time I see it I laugh till I almost pee myself! My favorite part is the sketch! I’m so glad that someone else is laughing as hard as I am!!

That is awesome! Thanks for the link

Ohh dear…

Are you going to defend your town or did you see him too???

Can’t defend the hopeless.This is in the prichard area(which is a “warzone”)funny thing is its loaded with obama stickers on all their neon colored $200 cars with $6000 rims on them.Weird huh??
Tells you what kind of logic is out there.

Those people crack me up.

Bama, is mobile loaded with people like that? or is this just a rare group?

No,mobile is absolutly not like this.This is one of those corners that every area has where you have to duck and run if you have to go through it.Mobile is a mid sized historic city that still keeps a small town feel.It’s got its share of idiots here and there like anywhere else.I actually live in the county right outside the city limits,real good people all around.Freedom lovin,christian gun owners everywhere,its great!

I met my wife in Mobile and spent a fair amount of time there for a year. She hates Pritchard too. She hates taking that downtown cut off from I-65 because it runs through there. I see my fair share of Obama garb here too. I need to get a couple bumper stickers and a shirt to make fun of a guy at work, but I can’t bring myself to waste the money on it…


Yeah,Pritchard is a rough area thats living on grants to pay all the city services(which is insane).I need to update the sticker on my truck also,just hard to pick one these days since anything in opposition is labeled “racist”.I like the subtle statements that people with brains can get,the others will need the demonstration to continue before they understand.